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Fat Fox Photography Photography is owned and managed by Dan Skinner. Not only has Dan been taking pictures himself for over 35 years but is himself the son of another professional photographer.

His father, Nick Skinner, spent nearly 50 years as a news and features photographer, covering everything from royalty to war zones for the national tabloids and broadsheets.

As a young child during school holidays, Dan often accompanied his father on assignments. This usually involved a lot of driving, followed by a lot of patiently watching, followed by more driving and waiting while Nick drove the length of Fleet Street, dropping into each newspaper office to sell the fruit of his day’s work.

After years of borrowing endless cameras and equipment from his Dad while travelling across the world, Dan eventually bought his own stuff and has followed his father’s footsteps into photography.

The equipment has certainly changed in that time, and the shift from film to digital is now almost total, but the techniques and skills have remained the same.

Dan himself actually spent several years working for various national newspapers on the picture desks before moving into digital design with the advent of the Web in the mid 1990s. After many years of heading the design teams of the Daily Mail and then the Financial Times, working on photography as an occasionally-profitable hobby, Dan has decided to focus on photography as a career.

Having been brought up in Sussex before relocating to London for 20 years, Dan has now moved to beautiful Suffolk and has based his business in the market town of Bury St Edmunds.

If you’re planning on getting married, hosting a corporate or social event, or just want some beautiful portraits of you or your family, please do get in touch.

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